Today I started a blog. Here's why:

All the cool kids are doing it

One reason I finally have the nerve to start a blog is that I see so many others doing it successfully. Personal blogs have become an important part of my daily diet and I find myself increasingly reliant on posts from helpful strangers. I'm jumping into the discussion. Maybe with a little luck I can help someone too.

You're my rubber duck

The phrase rubber duck debugging is often used in programming. It refers to the practice of troubleshooting your code by explaining it step-by-step. The rubber duck part of it emphasizes that it doesn't matter if you're talking to a genius or a rubber duck. What's important is that you take the time to compile your thoughts and explain whatever it is you're having trouble with. Nine times out of ten you realize how to solve the problem before you can finish your explanation.

This blog is a playground for me to experiment. And you are my rubber duck.


Rubber ducks are great, but what if they could talk back? Then we'd have a feedback loop. That's what allows a robot to do things like this:

Feedback can help humans achieve greatness too! And it just so happens that my rubber duck can talk back. Please do.

Challenge me. Tell me why I'm wrong. Berate me about that typo that doesn't just suggest carelessness, but a gross misunderstanding of the English language. And if I ever get something right, chime in and tell me why you agree.